Hey Communicators, welcome to Week 2.

This week we explored through some of the key inventions and landmarks in Communication history.

A key concept which was produced in the lecture this week was that there is a common link shared through words such as Communicate, communion and Commonwealth. The lecture slide read,

“They are all based on the conjunction of the Latin words com(with, together) and un (one), and show the intimate connection between the community of language and the community of politics. The interesting question is how the profusion of languages (computer, technoslang, pidgin, patois) will affect the emerging global politics and the kind of lives we lead.

It’s interesting to know that a lot of the key industries which have flourished during the 20th Century, such as Journalism, Advertising, Cyber and Web Studies, are part of the Communication umbrella.

I had a close look at a website called Topsy, a website that analyses all things trending around the web. I chose to analyse Twitter, and more specifically, tweets about the Australian Federal election. It shows that there have been over 1 million tweets about the Election over the past month, a lot of them talking about asking people to register, but most just giving the Politicians a hard time. I also looked at the “Social Analytics” page on the site and it showed that there were over 3 million tweets a day about Starbucks, Coca-Cola and Pepsi over the past month. Starbucks came in first with over 2.7 million, Pepsi came in second (rather surprisingly) with over 620 000 and Coke in third, with just under 500 000.

Also included in Pt 1 of Week 2 is this cute video I saw on YouTube that documents the History of Communication. I chose this particular video because it is engaging, both visually and with its content. It doesn’t contain any vocabulary, but has an emotive track for its soundtrack and also has figures in it, rather than actual people. Also, it only goes for just under 2 minutes, so you don’t have to make a particularly big investment in it in terms of time.

I hope you enjoy it, I found it really beautiful to watch.

Week 2, Pt 1 done! Stay tuned for Pt. 2