As I mentioned in last week’s blog,  I use my phone A LOT. Followed closely by my laptop and television.

The reason I got a laptop was because I needed one for Uni, so it was mostly for convenience sake. Another reason was because it made internet access in my house a lot easier, rather than having to wait for someone else to finish up on the home PC, I could start it up in the loungeroom in front of the T.V. and browse it to my heart’s content. I probably use my phone and laptop for much the same reasons, such logging on to my social media accounts, but I  use my laptop more for browsing the web because I find the mobile versions of most websites annoying.

I got my first Smartphone nearly 2 years ago. I was a little bit later than some people to venture into the Smartphone market but it wasn’t a hard choice. The reason I ended up going with Android was because my parents and a couple of my friends were users of it’s technology and that’s what swayed my decision. Plus everyone else had iPhones and I’m anti-establishment. I use my phone most because I text or message my friends via Facebook constantly and every once in a while I’ll call someone too.

Lastly I watch television quite a bit because it’s still where I get most of my news information from. And having Foxtel feeds my uncontrollable sports addiction, as well as my penchant for trashy reality T.V. (Real Housewives, I’m looking at you).

The issue of Privacy is an interesting one. I’d like to think I’m really vigilant when it comes to disclosing information to companies, but the truth is that they know a lot more about me than I care to acknowledge. I recently found this out when I noticed that the images for ads of asos dresses that were showing on my Facebook Newsfeed were the same I’d been looking at on the actual asos website. To say I was a little freaked out by this is an understatement.

Having joined the ranks of Tweeters a few months ago I’ve some to realise that, apart from 3 people I now have about 60 or so followers whom I’ve never met in person. I know, or have met, all of the people I know on Facebook and Instagram. I think that Twitter is a lot more specialised in that way, most of the people I follow, or who follow me, are people who are fellow sports enthusiasts. My privacy settings on Twitter aren’t as stringent as the ones I place on Facebook or Instagram. I guess the most important reason for that is because I would like to reach a bigger audience on Twitter so I don’t restrict myself as much. Whereas I regard Facebook and Instagram as a much more personal space, so I put a higher price on them.

That’s week two done!