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We’re talking Politics this week. (Insert groans here). This is a very topical issue at the moment because, in case you haven’t noticed, us Aussies are nearing the end (thank God) of an Election campaign. Or Election complain, depending on how you look at things. It’s actually a sad state for Australian Politics, this election is basically been reduced to a popularity contest. Neither party is willing to take a risk, you only have to listen to the debates to notice that. It’s an eye-rolling bore.

However, there is at least one innovation for this Election.

A tool for tracking your Political inclinations is an interesting invention by the Australian ABC called the Vote Compass. How it works is you have to answer a series of questions on various Political topics like Asylum Seekers, The Carbon Tax and Same Sex Marriage, to name a few. It also asks you personally rate the 3 leaders in Rudd of Labor, Milne of the Greens and Abbott of the Liberals. By the end of it you end up with a map of where you sit in comparison to the 3 Major Parties on specific issues, plus how closely you identify with them in terms of their Political agendas.

My results were not completely shocking, but I was interested by the fact that I identify the most with the Greens on most political issues, followed by Labor and then Liberal. I also rate Greens Leader Christine Milne above Kevin Rudd and followed lastly by Tony Abbott. My results can be viewed here:


Meanwhile, in the United States, President Barack Obama was addressing a large crowd as they commemorated the 50 year anniversary of Dr Martin Luther King II “I have a dream” speech.

I took the time to tweet him about the importance of freedom on the internet. (Unfortunately I couldn’t embed this tweet. I tried on a number of occasions, but no success)

Relating closely to that topic is Australia’s attempt to censor the Internet. The idea was introduced in 2009 by Stephen Conroy, Australia’s Communication Minister at the time. On the surface the idea of it was to protect young children from seeing undesirable things on the ‘net. But there were concerns that the policy was disguising the real reason it was being introduced, which was that it would end up censoring everyone’s internet activity.  As we are a democracy, I don’t think there is place for censorship in this country.

Who are my local, state and federal reps?

My local MP: Margaret De Wit (LNP)

State MP: Bruce Flegg (LNP)

Federal MP: Jane Prentice (LNP)

Last time MP spoke in Parliament: 25th June 2013, the subject was sport in the local community

There was no definitive date or year set for the NBN, only that my area will be getting it.

Reference list: